Rental management

If you own a property that you want to rent furnished, we can take care of all the steps to be taken to ensure stable income and without risk of outstanding payments.

We assist you for the following formalities:

  • registration in the register of the municipality for seasonal rental
  • long-term rental:
    • Selection of tenants
    • implementation of an insurance covering outstanding payments
  • Seasonal rental:
    • Insertion on internet platforms such as AIRBNB, BOOKING.COM...
    • Customer reception and maintenance
  • opening of bank account if necessary

Note that seasonal rental is possible only after authorization by the Municipality allowing the change in the use of the property. A number is then granted to you entitling you to insert your property on platforms such as AIRBNB or BOOKING.COM.

« If you wish to have your property managed, please send us by email the pieces of information requested below:




Number of rooms:

Number of rooms:

Number of SDBs:

Balcony / terrace: m²

Parking: yes / no

Brief description:

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